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Blood Son
Blood Son by Erica Orloff
by Erica Orloff
Valentines and Vampires      
Publisher: Silhouette Nocturne (February 2007)

Elizabeth Martin has left the comfort of academia and traveled to a small Czech village in hopes of tracking down her lost twin brother David. David sent her a plea for help and all the clues point to some kind of vampire misdeed. At a remote Czech inn, once a Catholic convent, Elizabeth runs into Josef, a Dhampir (the offspring of a vampire and a human). Together, they plan to hunt down the vampires surrounding the small Czech inn and save David from the madness, psychological or vampire-instilled, encircling him.

Elizabeth is drawn to this dhampir with an almost supernatural pull. But can she trust this man who moves her very soul? He promises to help her but will the vampire part of him overtake the goodness of his human side? Will their escalating passion endanger their mission? Is he truly beside her to help or does he have some hidden plan of his own? Dhampir's are rumored to be mercenaries....

Blood Son is the perfect Valentine read for someone seeking the unusual. The author's vampire historical research colors the legend with depth and intrigue. Orloff shapes the tale into a pièce de résistance romance by layering the familiar vampire legends with new aspects and twists. Both the romance and the suspense are riveting ---even long after the reader reaches the end!

Orloff's romance captivates the reader's mind and soul. Sideline reflections on evil --- the Holocaust and serial killers --- enrich this novel in unexpected ways. The legend of the hawthorne bush and the undying faith of the Catholic convent sisters who once inhabited the now Czech inn cast a circle of the sacred around the characters --- and also in the reader's heart. Even the secondary plot details and questions of this novel fascinate the reader's imagination. What is insanity? What is heredity? What is evil? What is love?

The Nocturne series of paranormal romance is a hot new line by Silhouette. If this book is any indication of the depth and unusual paranormal romance the reader will discover in the future, Nocturne will be a runaway hit. Erica Orloff's vampire thriller Blood Son is a masterpiece romance!

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