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A group of warnings at O'Shaughnessy Dam, a hydroelectric plant
A group of warnings at O'Shaughnessy Dam, a hydroelectric plant, near Dublin, Ohio

Record breaking snowfall March 2008 at Aubrey, Texas.
Record breaking snowfall March 2008 at Aubrey, Texas.
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The Bone Factory
  The Bone Factory by Nate Kenyon
by Nate Kenyon
Five star horror !

David Pierce needs a job and the offer from Hydro Development seems to be the answer to his family’s needs.  His marriage has been teetering on the brink of disaster from the economic strain after he left his previous job with questionable references. The plant is in an isolated area but David, his wife Helen, and daughter Jessica, believe they can make things work.  But what about the recent horrors that have occurred in the town of Jackson?  Death is lurking for the Pierce family and Jessica, who is uncannily perceptive, sees it all coming.

Classic horror!  THE BONE FACTORY hits all the right notes as Nate Kenyon expertly weaves a dark and eerie tale that is reminiscent of the masters of the genre. The vivid imagery evokes the lonely echoes of the town of Jackson and highlights the isolation the Pierce family experiences.  The terror is intensified as it becomes overwhelmingly obvious that this could happen to anyone; the realistic nature of the overall storyline is startling.

Nate Kenyon does a magnificent job at atmosphere but it is in the area of character development that he really steps it up a notch.  David’s plight, particularly in today’s economic times, is easily understandable.  One can’t help but admire him for his determination to do the right things even in the face of adversity.  And Jessica… what can I say about her except that Nate Kenyon captures her voice perfectly. 

THE BONE FACTORY is a phenomenal addition to the genre.  While this is the first book I’ve read by Nate Kenyon, I can guarantee it will not be the last.  Bravo!

Publisher: Dorchester/Leisure Books (July 2009)
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Reviewed by Debbie, Debbie Wiley Book Reviews

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