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Eternal Pleasure
Eternal Pleasure by Nina Bangs
by Nina Bangs
Ancient Mayan calendar, modern day romance within a battle to save humanity, a reading pleasure!

Publisher: Love Spell (July 2008)
Eternal Pleasure by Nina Bangs introduces a new paranormal romance series based on a Mayan mythology spanning past and future. A slip in a carefully laid out plans draws a spunky heroine and an uber-alpha male into super-hero roles to fight battles to save humanity from forces invading everyday life. Breathtakingly intricate imagination, hot romance and humor make Eternal Pleasure a top romance choice and downright reading fun!

The Mayan Calendar stops at December 21, 2012. What did the ancient Mayans know that we don't know today? An alliance of predators, the ultimate alpha fighting machines with their primal instincts and their deadly bodies as weapons have joined forces as The Eleven, in a battle to save humanity from the Nine and a force that seeks the destruction of humanity and the Earth. Fin has summoned together forces from 65 million years ago, forces now in human form. Now as the Gods of Night, they must hunt down the Nine and prevent the ultimate cataclysm, the dark force that wipes out dominant species. To make matters even worse, the Nine are not alone. They enlist the otherkin, vampires and werewolves as subordinates and subterfuge in this wicked plot to complicate the battle to kill off humans. The Eleven are an unlikely alliance --- ancient warriors, primal warriors with an instinct for the hunt, raw sex and killing. Although these men might be human now (Or maybe not? What amazing imagery Nina Bangs creates!), 65 million years of hunger for the thrill of the kill and mating is too long. Lock these alpha males together in one room, and what a mix! Primal testosterone in human bodies. Can they work together as humans to save humanity?

Kelly Maloy takes a job as a driver to pick up some extra money. The job offer and the pay were just too good, but when Ty Endeka climbs into her car, her whole world is about to change. Terror and desire mix together when Ty enters her life. Ty has never been a stay-by-your-woman kind of man. For him, it's all about sex, the pure pleasure of sex, at least, until he meets Kelly, that is. With Kelly, he finds himself feeling emotions and thinking things he never thought possible --- human things that go beyond his exterior right down to his soul. When Kelly becomes a pawn in this battle, can he protect her? When Fin tells them the cost of their love, does Ty choose to protect her or expose her to the darkness of his soul? His choice might seem difficult, but Kelly may have the most difficult choice to make.

Wow! This was a fun book! The world-building in Eternal Pleasure is exquisite --- eclectic, mysterious and fun. Nina Bangs gives more and more intricate details, piece by piece, to create unique and breathtaking images while also leaving just enough up to the imagination to make readers very eager to see how she will develop this series. Nina Bangs integrates her world-building perfectly, never once detracting from the romance itself. Nina Bangs adds each detail in the perfect measure to heighten the romance and the mystery of the story.

Eternal Pleasure will delight readers with its steamy romance, humor, and fresh intriguing cosmology. Nina Bangs creates a special flair with a wonderful self-awareness of the genre as well as movies and even comic books that will have readers laughing with her, moving from humor to suspenseful, intriguing encounters between the Eleven and the Nine and back again with a smooth, natural narrative flow. Nina Bangs's characterization of Fin becomes more and more intriguing with each new revelation. In Eternal Pleasure the first book of a new series, Nina Bangs has the perfect mix of introducing some of the other future primary characters here while also maintaining a satisfying focus on the dynamic romance between Kelly and Ty. Eternal Pleasure is a fast-paced fun read. What an ending! (No matter how much you might be tempted, don't jump ahead because a reader won't understand its significance without all the careful world-building that precedes the ending.) Eternal Pleasure is truly a romance reading pleasure!

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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