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Guardian's Keep
Guardian's Keep by Lori Devoti
by Lori Devoti
Garms, Guardians and Norse mythology in a paranormal romance
Publisher: Silhouette Nocturne (January 2008)
Series: Unbound

Lori Devoti's Guardian's Keep, the second book in the Unbound paranormal romance series, is steeped in mythology, romance and the paranormal world of garms, witches, shape shifters and portals to a different world.

Kol Hildr, a shape shifter and a dual being with human and wolf forms can shimmer. He guards the portal at Guardian's Keep, a bar where hellhounds, warlocks, trolls and all sorts of beings cause trouble. Greed, power and rogue garms fuel all sorts of dark events in this magical world. Kelly, a twin witch, has seen the very depths of the evil that lurks behind the portal. When a woman asks for her assistance, Kelly is emboldened in her quest. First, she must come face to face with Kohl. Her twin sister trusts Kohl, but Kelly is not sure whom to trust, especially whether or not to trust the one man who could bring her entire mission to an end. Torn between his duty, indeed his life's purpose as a portal guardian, and this little witch who somehow awakens something in him, he may just be forced to choose what he knows and something all together more unfamiliar. When garm politics force him to choose sides, will he make a choice for love and will his journey to save Kelly make him risk losing everything?

Lori Devoti creates a magnetic energy between the hero and heroine, not through description,but in the very interactions between Kohl and Kelly. Suspense mounts as Kelly's quest to save an innocent boy conflicts with Kohl's role as the guardian of the portal. Lori Devoti builds suspense with an object here that is out of place, a word spoken there, a certain odd alliance. The hint of garm politics with the Council and the rogues give Guardian's Keep a multi-dimensional world in which love places the characters at a heightened risk as alliances endanger individuals by secret machinations designed to unravel one's very nature. Lori's Devoti's use of Norse mythology within the fictional context of a paranormal romance is brilliant, adding a unique rich darkness to this beautifully written romance that fans will enjoy watching Lori Devoti explore.

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