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Hidden by Eve Kenin
by Eve Kenin
Futuristic romance packed with action and suspense
Publisher: Shomi (July 2008)
In 2093 in the futuristic Northern Waste land, the death of one despot opens the door for only more as corruption, greed and power influence the New Government Order. After a history of deadly and continual wars, country names have disappeared and the world is broken into 4 land masses, four branches of government. The Northern Waste is a vast and empty land inhabited by Siberian Ice Pirates, Reavers, corruption. In this land of outlaws, women are few and far between except in their relationships to others as wives and prostitutes. Orphans struggle for survival along with everyone else.

In the midst of this dangerous, nearly barren land, Tatiana stands out as an oddity, an independent woman, a kind of waif and warrior combined. The freezing cold barely produces a shiver in her body. Raised by a computer, her emotions and heart are close in temperature to the land in which she now lives. Normal human interactions mystify her. Tatiana can read minds and her hand alone has the power to cut through human bone faster than a knife. Her tattoo marks her as a rebel, a woman in violation of the law but Tatiana has a mission of justice to accomplish. She plans to hunt down Tolliver, a genetic and infectious disease scientist, a man who worked for her nemesis, Gavin Ward. During her imprisonment, Tatiana saw firsthand the destruction of evil posing as a good in the scientific research that created a plague that could now destroy mankind.

When Tatiana’s hunt leads to a confrontation with a Siberian Ice Pirate, she can’t help but notice the cool settler on his scooter watching her. Rugged, ready for action and masculine, Tristan makes her heart race. Can she trust this man? In the life threatening Northern Waste where people take and take, Tristan talks about questions of enlightenment. In their interactions, Tatiana is thrown off by his politeness, a remnant from a more innocent time of courtly manners and chivalry. What can he be hiding? Tatiana might be able to read people’s minds, but this man remains a mystery to her, a man who makes her body feel alive. Something doesn't quite add up about this man and his memories. Before she can decide whether he is a friend or foe, the two must battle an underground trap and hunt down a madman.

Eve Kenin’s Hidden reaches a new height as the author takes everything so wonderful in the previous novel Driven and steps up the level even higher. Dynamic action, an unusual intriguing romance, a mutated landscape and riveting suspense all work together, combining the best in science fiction and romantic suspense. Hot and cold mix together in this romance, casting a classic Petrachian love theme into a wild new futuristic world. The hero and heroine, two outcasts in an outcast rough environment, struggle to pursue justice in a world that no longer cares about justice. A deadly threat brings together two of the most unlikely people into a conflict that challenges both to the core of their identities while also setting them free from the dark past which haunts them. Friend or foe, they are both to each other. As their hearts warm, the risk becomes greater not only for themselves but for others, indeed for all of humanity. Can love, safety and justice go hand and hand or will they be forced to choose and sacrifice? Eve Kenin creates unusual characters who excite the imagination. Spine-chilling conflicts and philosophical dilemmas make their search for love and justice move the reader’s emotions.

Readers of Driven, the first Northern Waste romance, will take delight in revisiting secondary characters with a story that fills in their history and their present life. Eve Kenin’s landscape in Hidden comes into play with even more depth and even finer connection to the characters and their story. In a land of harsh extremes where goodness seems to be the one missing element, the author places Tatiana and Tristan, remnants of a past era with hearts and human values intact, two characters with bodies and moral capabilities able to reach beyond their pasts to tackle the heightened challenge posed by the land and the corrupt forces that rule it. Character, plot and emotion are all finely tuned together by both the landscape and the final scene of their battle. Eve Kenin has reached a new height with her romance Hidden. Although this second book brings a satisfying conclusion to Tatiana’s story and beyond, this reader certainly hopes that Eve Kenin will give her readers more stories set within the 2093 Northern Waste’s past, present and future!

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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