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The Magic Knot
The Magic Knot by Helen Scott Taylor
by Helen Scott Taylor
Irish magic, mischievous piskies, Tarot Cards and romance
Helen Scott Taylor's debut paranormal romance THE MAGIC KNOT brings magic into play with a journey through Cornwall to Ireland, land of the mischievous piskies. A delightful fairy tale for romance lovers, THE MAGIC KNOT brings together a refreshingly original hero and heroine, an Irish biker pub owner and an accountant. Love holds the power to free or enslave. The entire romance is fantastic but the ending alone with its stunning imagery of transformation makes this romance one that will live in the imagination long after the book is read.

Despite her mother's warnings to never set foot in Cornwall, accountant Rosenwyn Tremain has little choice in her hunt to find her father. If she can only finish her job to investigate of the finances of the Elephant's Nest Public House quickly, then she will be able to leave and get on with her search. When Michael O'Connor doesn't seem to want to co-operate with the audit, his brother Niall O'Connor seems to be the only means to finish the job. When she finally catches up with the sexy buy ever so stubborn Irishman, Rose knows she should keep a professional distance, but she cannot help but take a look at the Tarot cards to get an inkling of the man behind the beautiful body and seductive accent. How can one man encompass such contradictory aspects? Does she dare trust this man whose past seems cloaked in secrets and betrayal?

Visions of his family's captivity haunt Niall O'Connor, a proud man who refuses to return to Ireland and subjugate himself to the Irish fairy queen Ciar. Suddenly Tristan, accompanied by his sidekick Nightshade, a vampiristic nightstalker, changes the terms of the deal that until now has kept his brother and sister safe. Delivering one special pisky woman to Tristan will insure a protective spell to thwart Ciar's evil plans. When he finds a strange woman snooping in his room, Niall's body tingles with magic, ancient fairy magic. Can this beautiful woman be the key to his family's freedom or will her pisky magic enslave him as well? As both Rose and Niall journey together with different goals in mind, who will gain the upper hand? Can their growing attraction unlock the key to their past and free them for a future endowed not with threats and fear but love, happiness and freedom?

Helen Scott Taylor's THE MAGIC KNOT is a refreshingly original paranormal romance that takes the reader deep into magical Ireland, a land filled with magical piskies and an evil powerful fairy queen. THE MAGIC KNOT brings together a sexy motorcycle-driving Irishman and a slightly insecure but smart accountant with a heart of gold, a woman filled with determination in the face of the unknown. Juxtaposed to the wicked powerful Cian, Rose has an innocence that shines through with beauty in the strange magical world she encounters. Likewise, Tristan's clever manipulations provide a nice contrast to Niall's devotion to his family. The transformation in Rose from a shy numbers-focused accountant into a woman self-assured not only in love but within herself is one of the more moving parts of this story. As Rose looks more deeply into her past, her story resonates with a vision of of hope that moves the spirit. THE MAGIC KNOT has several nice plot twists that kept me on the edge of my seat. Most of all, I found the visual imagery here absolutely stunning. Helen Scott Taylor mesmerizes the reader with dynamic images that evoke whole worlds and at the same time crystallize the depth of romance and its ability to transform not only Niall and Rose, but all around them with a very special kind of power. The incredible ending left me gasping quietly at the sheer beauty, imagination and imagery.

Publisher: Dorchester - Love Spell (Feb 2009)

Extra notes:
Helen Scott Taylor's THE MAGIC KNOT was a finalist in the 2008 Golden Heart Contest, a contest sponsored by the Romance Writers of America (RWA). As stated on the RWA website, “The Golden Heart contest brings manuscripts written by unpublished RWA members to the attention of the publishing community and celebrates excellent, unpublished writing.”

Helen Scott Taylor's THE MAGIC KNOT was the winner of the 2008 American Title IV contest sponsored by Romantic Times Magazine and Dorchester Publishing Company. During this contest, readers vote on several entries. Each elimination round focuses on one area of the romance novel. I followed the contest off and on but not closely --- but I do remember thinking that this author's different entries stood out to me as different, as writing with punch and something that just felt fresh. Having read this book, I can say I certainly agree with all those readers who voted. The actual book as a whole is even better than the short excerpts I read! I refuse to ruin the ending of this romance with a spoiler, but I just have to say that the closing images really moved me beyond words, capturing in images the beauty of paranormal romance (and reading in general to me) to move not only with the romance itself but the world-building as an integral part of the genre's power. Not the book blurb nor even a blow-by-blow plot summary can ever capture the stunning ending and twist of magic!

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