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Night Mischief
Night Mischief (Dark Enchantments) by Nina Bruhns
by Nina Bruhns
An intimate paranormal romance with a demon: suspenseful, romantic, fantastic!
Publisher: Silhouette Nocturne (October 2007)
Series: Dark Enchantments

NIGHT MISCHIEF by Nina Bruhns is the third installment of the exceptional Dark Enchantments paranormal romance series. Intimate moments and suspenseful conflicts make for a delightful read.

While teaching students, Lady Dawn Maybank accidentally calls forward a real spell and a real demon! In an effort to retrieve a family heirloom, Dawn makes a deal with a demon--to spend 5 nights with him. The problem is that she works for the Cadre where demons are taken as prisoners and put in crystal jails. Demon, Galen McManus, has made a deal too but he also has secret alliances. His growing attraction for Dawn is definitely a kink in the business of being an incubus!

In the third book of the Dark Enchantment series, Nina Bruhns steps up the steaminess level while maintaining the thematic structure so carefully constructed by the previous two authors. Once again, the author creates a unique story but one that expands the entire scope of the series. The romance here is steamy --- blazing hot in the way only demon sex can be. But what happens when it's more than just sex for the demon? A lot of trouble for the Cadre as well as for Dawn and Galen for sure!

NIGHT MISCHIEF, though different in tone from the preceding books, builds upon the Cadre setting, allowing the reader to walk inside its doors and meet more of its residents. The author develops characters met in Michele Hauf's book FAMILIAR STRANGER and develops the family relationship that Dawn has with her sister Aurora and their father. Definitely the most steamy of the three, NIGHT MISCHIEF also looks into the darkness of the wounded heart and opens the night to the power of love. With the addition of NIGHT MISCHIEF, Dark Enchantments series is quickly becoming an exceptional multi-author series! Readers might have a favorite depending on taste and favored tone, but as a series, Dark Enchantments, is awesome! Each series installment seems to match the others in terms of quality reading delight! Brava, Nina Bruhns!

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