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Parallel Seduction
Parallel Seduction by Deidre Knight
by Deidre Knight
The war rages outside and within: Third book reaches new heights!
Publisher: Signet (April 2007)  
Series: Midnight Warriors

How does Deidre Knight do it? The first Parallel book was exceptional and each installment gets better and better! Parallel Seduction has more action as the war deepens and affects the characters, more suspense as the parallel worlds touch each other, and much more romance.

When Hope Harper, an FBI linguist, is called in to translate the Refarian language, her duties bring her into contact with two men, Scott Dillion and Jake Tierny, an unknown factor who sets off alarms for all sides of the raging battle. Nearly blind from diabetes yet feisty and skilled, Hope uses her language skills and dreams to see beyond her the physical immediate reality. As Hope battles for her life and tries to choose between the two men, Deidre Knight delights readers by developing the stories of other characters. The exiled Refarian king Jared Bennett and Kelsey Wells battle Antousians and their infertility. Details of parallel worlds are given to shed more light on the past betrayal by Thea Haven and Marco McKinley. Although their story is not as prominent, the scenes and their context are crucial to understanding the betrayal and the entire parallel world effect. The history of the Refarian and Antousian animosity emerges in this installment, drawing the reader deeper and deeper to her finely created alien world.

While the war rages outside, Knight also shows the war inside of the dual creature. This installment delves deeper into the cruelty of war and the power of love. Knight's imaginative writing allows the reader to understand evil at its heart. The details of the love experienced by Hope in the heat of battle reaches a new height in the Midnight Warriors series. Readers will remember the exquisitely written encounter between Hope and the evil Antousian Veckus for many years. Stunning!

Deidre Knight tackles the issue of gene therapy. Knight's context differs from current political debates enough to reach the heart of both sides of several issues and the reader's heart. Her questions are both more philosophical and practical. The author views both sides and allows the reader to contemplate both without a simplistic resolution. Deidre Knight combines all the strengths of the paranormal romance and science fiction genres and creates a masterpiece!

Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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