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Raintree: Haunted
Raintree: Haunted by Linda Winstead Jones
by Linda Winstead Jones
A paranormal ghost-visited detective romance
Publisher: Silhouette Nocturne (June 2007)
Series: Raintree

Raintree: Haunted is a really cool and unusual detective romance story with ghosts and supernatural powers that provide the paranormal ambiance. The reader is immediately drawn into the characters and the search for justice. Gideon Raintree is a fun hero. He talks to ghosts, inhales lightning and sometimes glows in the dark. Talking to ghosts comes in handy since he is a policeman on the homicide beat. The trouble is that a partner might discover his paranormal powers. Hope Malory comes to Wilmington, North Carolina and is assigned to be his partner. He will do just about anything to get rid of her and work alone again including taking her to bed....but the real trouble may be all these ghosts begging him to avenge their deaths and catch the serial killer.

Secrets abound and heighten the suspense and paranormal attraction. Gideon must use his powers to track down the killer and fears his partner will expose him. Are the ghosts helping his investigation or leading him into the hands of the killer? Although he easily identifies the ghosts of homicide victims, one apparition remains mysterious. Who and where is Emma?

Both the hero and heroine are somewhat lost or wounded souls in the "normal" world and somehow, despite many chilling and humorous meanderings, find their way to a better place than the "normal" world. She is strong and dynamic. He is strong yet soulful with touches of gentleness despite the electrical power coursing through his body. A thoroughly wonderful read!

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