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Rising Darkness
Rising Darkness (Dark Enchantments) by Cynthia Cooke
by Cynthia Cooke
Magnificent romance in an excellent paranormal romance series!
Publisher: Silhouette Nocturne (September 2007)
Series: Dark Enchantments

Cynthia Cooke's RISING DARKNESS, the second book of the Dark Enchantments paranormal romance series, is a splendid addition in an exceptional multi-author series. Suspenseful, touched with ancient history and secret organizations, and a moving romance, Cythnia Cooke's writing is superb! The unexpected twists delight.

Emma McGovern lives a lonely life, walling herself up in her ancestral home, the crumbling castle at Wolvesrain. Her face is scarred. Emma fears love, knowing no one will care for her because they will only see her face. If that was not enough, if she ever discovers her heart's true love, an ancient gypsy curse will destroy them both as it has done for generations. Damien, a vampire at the Cadre, an organization that studies demons and imprisons the evil ones, plans to protect Emma from the demon Asmos. Damien prides himself that he is different (and pure) than all the other vampires--he is a guardian and protector and never drinks human blood. The curse unites Emma and Damien in their efforts to fight it but as their hearts open, the risk magnifies. Can each of them face their past? Is the growing attraction between them enough to conquer the curse and all those who threaten them? Can Emma remember the past in enough time to protect the two?

This second book of the Dark Enchantments series takes the world created in the first book, Michele Hauf's FAMILIAR STRANGER and adds the dimension of a fairy tale, or what Emma calls a Grimm Brothers fairy tale with an underbelly of malice, and a delightful touch of history. The hero and heroine must learn to face the dark side within and without. Cynthia Cooke had a tough job ahead of her coming after Michele Hauf's exceptional first book in the series but this author took the heart of the Dark Enchantments series, ran with it and created her own unique story. Not only is this romance wonderful in and of itself but it also magnifies the scope and depth of the entire series. RISING DARKNESS reaches to the very depths of the heart. The Cadre, the society that studies demons without killing them is explored to the reader's delight as the noble rules, the moral codes and above reproach tone also reveal an underside. Cynthia Cooke's RISING DARKNESS is magnificent!

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