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The full moon as seen from Earth
The full moon as seen from Earth.

A memorial tattoo of a deceased loved one's initials
A memorial tattoo of a deceased loved one's initials.
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Symptoms of a Broken Heart
Symptoms of a Broken Heart
by Cory Cramer
5 Stars

A party changes everything….

Lisa and Susan are sisters, celebrating Susan’s twenty-first birthday. Susan is the responsible one whereas Lisa is the wild and carefree sister. Unfortunately, something goes awry at the party and now Lisa is delving into the dark world of magic with some unintended consequences.

It’s been awhile since a horror story has really shocked me but wow, Cory Cramer has sure done it with this gem! SYMPTOMS OF A BROKEN HEART has one of the most stunning twists I can ever remember reading. In fact, SYMPTOMS OF A BROKEN HEART is nothing short of brilliant.

SYMPTOMS OF A BROKEN HEART is a horror tale at its core. Cory Cramer incorporates elements of the shapeshifter mythology into the storyline to frame his approach to black magic. There is one scene that readers may find somewhat disturbing and yet it is not gratuitous in the slightest. Instead, it fits within the context of the world Cory Cramer has created and adds almost a sense of levity to an otherwise very dark tale.

Cory Cramer does a marvelous job at taking his readers into the darkness and fear dwelling within Lisa. A horrible tragedy has her desperate and willing to do anything and this terror permeates every page. The story is structured through a series of flashbacks which flow together seamlessly and serve to heighten the intensity of the story. Lisa’s palpable horror builds up to a startling crescendo as SYMPTOMS OF A BROKEN HEART takes readers on a wild journey. Bravo to Cory Cramer for this spectacular tale!

Publisher: Damnation Books (September 2009)

Reviewed by Debbie, Debbie Wiley Book Reviews

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