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Boarded up and abandoned housing
Boarded up and abandoned housing
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Urban Gothic
Urban Gothic by Briane Keene
by Briane Keene

Six teenagers are returning from a concert when they make a detour to buy drugs. Their car breaks down… and then things go horribly wrong. An abandoned home looks like a safe haven but monsters lurk in the dark. Will there be any escape for them before this night is through?

URBAN GOTHIC is and intense and brutally gory tale of horror. From the very first page, Brian Keene sets a frantic pace in which each new terror eclipses the past ones. Readers who like their horror on the gruesome side will relish this tale as Brian Keene takes creepy to a whole new level!

However, one aspect in particular makes URBAN GOTHIC stand out from so many others in the genre… the characters don’t commit the stereotypical stupid moves that found in most slasher novels and movies. There are none of those moments where we scream in frustration at a character for stupidly opening the door to the killer. Instead, the characters face completely irrational situations and react as rationally as one could imagine.  

URBAN GOTHIC is a disturbingly good horror tale. There is an interesting side story involving stereotypes that injects a sense of reality into an otherwise unbelievable tale, giving the story a sense of authenticity despite the outlandish and bizarre villains. Excellent addition to the genre!

Publisher: Leisure (August 2009)

Author website:  http://www.briankeene.com/

Reviewed by Debbie, Debbie Wiley Book Reviews

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