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Eternal Craving
Eternal Craving by Nina Bangs
by Nina Bangs

Sexy powerful romance between outsiders within and on the edge of time
An Ancient Mayan prophecy predicts the end of the human race in 2012.  Finn has assembled together The Eleven, a group of primal predators from the beginning of time to help save humanity in the fight against a mysterious force.   Under his control, Finn must control eleven sexy men with a primal need to mate and hunt, eleven men who have been deprived of both for at least 65 millions years.  Now in Philadelphia facing the next battle with the Eight, Al Endeka is in the midst of a meltdown.  Tabloid journalist Jenna Maloy comes to Philadelphia to find out the truth behind her sister's marriage to Ty.  She doesn't understand why Kelly has kept Ty such a secret.  Her reporter's instincts tells her that somehow these men are not in Philadelphia to save souls, not these breathtakingly hot men with their attitudes.  Determined to ferret out the truth, Jenna finds herself attracted to this man, but can she face the beast within him?  Will Al lose control again?  Can their love become more than the primal passion between them?  Can they find the key in the next apocalyptic skirmish before time runs out?

In the second book of the Gods of the Night series, Nina Bangs returns to the eclectic, mysterious and fun world of the uber-male predators with several new twists to keep readers on the edge of their seats.  New details and mysteries about Finn emerge as Jenna uncovers new secrets, secrets not even known by the men themselves.  Al and Jenna bring a new depth to this series.  Lovers of the Gods of the Night series can expect a similar thrill ride as experienced in the first book and more.  In ETERNAL CRAVING, Nina Bangs creates an exciting, unusual pair of characters whose personalities and conflicts distinguish them in their own right.  As Al seeks to adapt to his human form, a part of him rebels against Finn.  An enigmatic link between Finn and Al distinguishes him from the other uber-males in his company, driving him inside in unseen ways.   Driven to hunt by a powerful primitive instinct, Al wrestles both with himself and those around him.  As a tabloid reporter, Jenna's presence threatens to unmask the secret plans to save humanity.  While common sense tells her to run away from the strange world unfolding before her eyes, her reporter's instincts draw her into the mystery.  Once there, how can she resist the powerful force within Al, an outsider who responds to the outsider with her?  In ETERNAL CRAVING, Nina Bangs brings together two fascinating outsiders who now become the central key to a passionate, moving romance and a race to discover the needed clue to thwart the evil plans to wipe the dominant species of humankind off the face of the earth. 

ETERNAL CRAVING delights with its powerful, eclectic imagination, fast-paced action with several intriguing turns, and a romance that moves from primitive powerful passion to a love that transcends time in its depth.  In the midst of the strange world before them, Al and Jenna stand out as individuals. Nina Bangs does an excellent job of creating a hero and heroine with their own unique histories and inner personalities within his group and her family. 
ETERNAL CRAVING has the perfect mixture to satisfy cravings of series readers who wish to return to a familar world but also want a fresh originality of characters as well as new insights into the world so exquisitely built in the previous book.  I wasn't sure how the author could match the freshness of the first book, but in ETERNAL CRAVING, Nina Bangs steps up her game even more.  Al and Jenna are made for each other and what an exciting path it is to discover how each unlocks the depths of the other.  ETERNAL CRAVING leads up to a dramatic ending that will leave readers hungry for the next installment in the series!

Publisher: Dorchester - Love Spell (May 2009)
Series: Gods of the Night

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Reviewed by Merrimon, Merrimon Book Reviews
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